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Residential house "U Motolské hrušky"


The residential house "U Motolské hrušky" is located in the interspace between U Hrušky, Kudrnova and Deylova Streets in the middle, very quiet part of the locality Homolka, between the villa quarter and the building estates Homolka, with a primary school and two kindergartens. In the northern direction within 5-minute walking distance, there are the Teaching hospital in Motol and the hospital Na Homolce. Within the proximity of the house, there is a number of natural attributes increasing the quality of living and free time spending in the locality. It is especially the natural park Košíře - Motol, the natural monument Skalka, the park Poštovka, a golf course with the hotel Golf, the Motol ponds with an open air pool, a dog training-ground, etc. The place is characterised by excellent transport services, there is the tram stop Hotel Golf in Plzeňská Street within 4-minute walking distance in the southern direction from which you can get by the trams No. 7, 9, 10 and 58 in cca 10 minutes to the underground station Anděl of the B line where there is the shopping and community centre of Prague 5. In cca 15 minutes you can also reach Anděl by the bus No. 167 from the hospital in Motol.

Building description

It is an extension of three blocks of flats with 5 floors to the existing building of the former shopping and cultural centre in the building estates Homolka. In a new design of this existing part of the building, there are commercial areas and garage places in the basement and on the ground floor.

Basic information on flats

Total net residential area 6 646 m2
Number of flats 115
Number of garage places 86
Commercial areas 615 m2

In this residential house, small and medium-sized flats prevail

Basic information on planned average selling prices

Selling price per 1m2 of residential area CZK 43 000,-
Selling price per 1m2 of terraces and balconies CZK 22 000,-
Selling price per 1m2 of cellars CZK 22 000,-
Selling price per 1m2 of offices CZK 24 000,-
Selling price per 1 covered garage place CZK 250 000,-

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